Protective clip with genuine iPhone experience

  • highly resistant polycarbonate protects the back and corners from damages 
  • unique, outstanding experience of control since the sides of the device are not covered
  • virtually does not alter the iPhone design thanks to its transparent back
  • thin, shiny metal style frame that coordinates with the color of the device
  • openings on the back for a lanyard strap

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Item number 7535-3739

The Artwizz MazingClip is our innovative smartphone cover that combines a thrilling design with discreet protection. Unlike any other case, it perfectly harmonized with the shape and color of your iPhone and turns it into an eyecatcher that is also quite subtle.

Tailormade for your iPhone

The frame, which is a perfect color match for your iPhone melds harmoniously with your favorite device. The metallic look of the iPhone is emulated by the shiny finish of the MazingClip. An especially cool form factor is the result of the reinforced edges and corners on the top and bottom of the smartphone cases. The curvy contours literally round of your iPhone’s design for a classy look.  

The backside of this iPhone clip is completely transparent and visually has the appearance of glass. This ensures that the luxurious housing of your iPhone, including the Apple logo on the rear, are always fully visible while also retaining the metallic shine.

It feels like your iPhone

The frame of the MazingClip features openings on the sides – in the exact spaces where you touch your favorite device when you hold it in your hand. The luxurious housing is not covered up with artificial materials. Hence, it feels as if you do not even have a protective cover on your iPhone. It’s a feeling you may no longer be familiar with at all, given that luxurious smartphones need maximum protection.

Your iPhone is protected

The MazingClip is made of highest quality polycarbonate, which makes it particularly sturdy. Both, the colored frame and the transparent backside reliably prevent scratches and any traces of usage on your iPhone. Consequently, the especially vulnerable corners of your favorite device enjoy extra protection and thus can also withstand more intense impact. In addition, they provide safety clearance on the open sides so that it is impossible for them to come into contact with straight surfaces that could scratch them up.

Why Artwizz

Our MazingClip offers you everything you already love about your iPhone: Stylish coloring in elegant shapes that retain a large part of the original design and feel of your high-end favorite device. The Artwizz MazingClip embodies our mission in an unrivaled way, which gives your iPhone the visual and haptic protection you want to enjoy. 

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