Colorful protective case made of elastic TPU

  • offers slim robust protection against scratches and wear
  • extremely slim design
  • a range of surface textures: two-thirds translucent and one-third matte

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Item number 0400-2737

With the Artwizz NextSkin, we have taken our classic NoCase Color to the next level. This transparent smartphone case not only boasts exciting colors, it also has an innovative design. Our NextSkin protects the back of your mobile companion and gives your device a striking new look.

Pleasing to the eye (and the touch)

The absolute highlight of our NextSkin is its two-part design. The NextSkin case is a single color from top to bottom, but it looks it is divided into two thanks to its two different surface textures. The top two-thirds of the Artwizz NextSkin are glossy transparent turquoise or red; the bottom third is the same color, with a matt finish. And there’s more to the difference than the exciting visual contrast: the glossy top third is pleasantly ‘grippy’ the touch while the ‘rougher’ lower third feels surprisingly supple in your hands. You’ll love the exciting interplay the Artwizz NextSkin creates between striking colors and exciting surface textures.

Expressive colors that don’t need a second chance to create a positive impression

Available in Petrol and Berry versions, our NextSkin smartphone case gives your favorite device a vibrant new look. Available in intense turquoise or red, the case adds a stunning new accent to your smartphone’s original color, which takes on a new tone through the translucent and transparent sections of the NextSkin case. These exciting nuances create a completely new effect, breathing new life into the look of your mobile companion.

Just like a second skin

The name says it all! Made of elastic TPU and with an ultra-slim design, the transparent Artwizz NextSkin smartphone case protects your mobile device like a second skin. It might be thin, but the highly durable material makes this protective case super resistant and guarantees long-lasting smartphone protection. The Artwizz NextSkin reliably prevents scratches and signs of wear on your favorite device. In addition, we’ve integrated our ‘point technology’ into the material to prevent unattractive suction surfaces from forming between the case and your smartphone.

The trade press is amazed:

Smartphone Magazine has just reviewed the Artwizz NextSkin and couldn’t be more positive: Thanks to our TPU case, your devices are “perfectly protected,” the two-piece design “feels better than ever before” and “looks chic.” The testers were truly impressed, awarding the Artwizz NextSkin a “very good” rating and concluding: “There are absolutely no negatives.”

Too playful?

Our NoCase Color is available in fully transparent Spaceblue, Raspberry or Black. The vibrant colors of this protective case combine with your smartphone’s original color scheme to create completely new and unique visual effects.

Still too playful?

Then our classic NoCase is just what you are looking for. This nearly invisible protective case won’t compromise the original elegant design of your mobile device, but it will give it a more pleasant and secure grip in your hands.

Not playful enough?

Our NoCase Design editions are real eye-catchers. With modern polygon designs and discreet silver contours, we’ve transformed our inconspicuous transparent protective case into a striking design statement.

Why Artwizz

With its expressive colors and combination of surface textures, our NextSkin is the next level of TPU protective case design. We only use proven materials, which means the NextSkin offers your favorite device the same reliable protection as our popular NoCase. Make your everyday mobile life more colorful and safer with the Artwizz NextSkin!