Rubber Clip

Trend-hued backside clip

  • optimal protection against scratches, dirt and wear
  • rubberized coating for a comfortable grip

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Item number 1255-1875

Unforgettable in design, color and feel

The Rubber Clip is more than just your usual plastic clip. It’s exclusive workmanship, sleek design and vibrant color range make it irreplaceable. Your personal color sits softly on your smartphone — just like the comfortable soft-touch coating.

Made to be touched

Our Rubber Clip is a low-key protective clip that makes using your phone more enjoyable. Discover the Rubber Clip´s unique soft-touch coating. Its satiny, smooth surface doesn’t only feel great. It also gives you a better grip on your phone. Touch it to experience the fine, but important difference. And when you do, you won’t want to let the Rubber Clip out of your hands.

Flat design meets great protection

The Rubber Clip is ultra-slim and super lightweight, while offering secure protection. To deliver this we selected polycarbonate: a crystal-rich material that’s exceptionally hard-wearing and weather resistant thanks to a special finishing process. The result is the Rubber Clip: so slim that it will barely change the size or weight of your smartphone. So massive that your phone is always protective. Secure protection is the slimmest format. Handy and perfect for your life on-the-go.

Feel the lightness

The Rubber Clip is the perfect companion. Secure on-the-go. Modern and urban in design. Light and carefree. With this smartphone clip you get a stylish accessory in the right color to complete your look.

A classic that never gets boring

The translucent color variants keep the design of your mobile device unchanged. Stylish understatement in a classic look is provided by the the full coverage black smartphone clip.

The Artwizz Rubber Clip tested:

Smartphone Magazin: “The Artwizz Rubber Clip provides optimum protection against scratches, dirt and signs of wear. The velvety soft coating guarantees a particularly pleasant grip. This makes it more grippy than other cases, which means your smartphone can no longer slip out of your hand so easily.”

Made for your iPad

Our Rubber Clip is also available for a variety of iPad models. Whichever you choose, they are all just as slim and comfortable to hold as our smartphone models. In opaque black, our Rubber Clip elegantly wraps around your tablet and offers reliable backside protection against scratches and wear.

Made for your MacBook

Our Rubber Clip for MacBooks has two separate clips that attach to the top and bottom of your MacBook. The Rubber Clip provides your MacBook with reliable all-round protection in a variety of translucent colors. The clip’s nifty integrated rubber feet are custom-designed to guarantee optimum stability.

Why Artwizz

We made it our mission to protect smartphones from the launch of the first iPhone. Clips, cases and protective sleeves have formed the backbone of our product portfolio from the very beginning. Our Rubber Clip has also been in our range for many years and is the product of extensive in-house development and refinement. Its predecessors were sometimes very thin, sometimes a little thicker, and boasted a series of different surface coatings and varying protective properties for smartphones of all generations. Ultimately, our Rubber Clip has proven itself as the ideal backside protection. It is ultra-slim, but strong enough that you can rely on it at all times. Thanks to its velvety rubber coating, you’ll never want to put it down. It’s certainly nothing like your usual plastic clip. What’s more, it also allows the original design of your mobile device to shine through, at least in its translucent versions. All in all – the perfect protective clip for your smartphone.

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