Protective case with concealed card slot and integrated stand

  • reliable protection from scratches and shocks
  • secure and closable compartment for up to two cards
  • fabric cover feels great to the touch
  • incredibly practical, fully integrated stand

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Item number 2460-2383

The Artwizz SecretCase, an iPhone case with a concealed card compartment, is both stylish and secretive. Two cards can be safely stored behind the inconspicuous flap on the back. In addition to the proven high-grade protective properties of our protective cases, the integrated stand adds another multifunctional component to the SecretCase. The fabric cover lends your iPhone Case a touch of extravagance that you can be proud of.

Secret card compartment

This iPhone case has a discreet back flap that hides a secret card compartment with space for up to two cards. The compartment’s clasp is unobtrusive and barely visible. You can get to your cards quickly at any time by simply flipping open the backside of the case, making it especially practical for key cards, bank cards or tickets for public transport. To remove the cards, you only have to slide them out and put them back just as easily. Leave your wallet at home and enjoy the convenience of this iPhone case with card compartment.

Integrated stand

The card compartment also gives you a handy extra feature because you can use it as a horizontal stand for your iPhone, which makes it easy to watch movies on the go or share holiday photos with your friends. All you have to do is open the card compartment on the back, fold it back gently, and position the iPhone case horizontally. The built-in stop mechanism prevents cards from falling out during use. This makes SecretCase a perfect travel companion for you and your iPhone.

Sophisticated design paired with new material

Of course, the SecretCase also has the typical features that make Artwizz’s protection products so special. The black TPU frame reliably protects your iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone Xr and iPhone Xs Max from lateral impacts. The polycarbonate card slot adds just 4.7 mm to your iPhone, protecting not only your cards, but the entire back of your device. While including all those extra features, the SecretCase only weighs 38 g for the iPhone 7/ 8, 52 g for the iPhone XR and 54 g for the iPhone Xs Max. The ultra-soft, black-and-white mottled fabric is water-repellent and perfectly rounds off the iPhone Case. From a distance, the result is an elegant gray tone that coordinates with any outfit. In addition, the iPhone SecretCase with card compartment rests comfortably in your hand.

Pure excitement for the Artwizz SecretCase:

Mac Life’s testers confessed that they “wouldn’t be surprised if this elegant case originated on the drawing board of a world-famous fashion designer.” This is also reflected in the excellent rating of 1.1 they gave to the SecretCase. “In addition to providing excellent protection against scratches and impacts, the SecretCase has another ace up its sleeve”: In the fold-out back, “there is a concealed compartment for up to two cards. What’s more, the fold-out back also serves as a practical stand”, which allows you to conveniently enjoy viewing content on your smartphone.

Why Artwizz

As an established German manufacturer of smartphone accessories, we place particular emphasis on ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of both functionality and aesthetic design. The entire Artwizz range is designed and developed in Berlin. The SecretCase is precision-engineered for your iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs Max. The SecretCase not only looks great, it also feels great in your hand. Upgrade your iPhone today and make your mobile life easier!