Silicone Case

Protective case made of soft silicone

  • durable case against scratches, signs of use and impact damage
  • can be washed at any time, and be reused
  • display frame prevents direct contact of the display with the floor or table

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Item number 5101-1271

The incredibly durable protective case

The Silicone Case is our timeless smartphone case and features one of the highest levels of protection we offer. In terms of design, we’ve taken a minimalistic approach with the Artwizz Silicone Case. This elegant black silicone case perfectly complements the design of your mobile device. Robust yet elastic, the case cushions impacts and falls, and protects your smartphone from a whole host of hazards.

Reliable protection, guaranteed

The Artwizz Silicone Case provides the strongest protection you can get from a backside protector, without extra bulk. Artwizz Tested Protection is our guarantee that our Silicone Case delivers the most reliable protection. This silicone smartphone case effortlessly withstands scratches and absorbs impacts and vibrations. Its Advance, non-slip material ensures that your smartphone rests comfortably and securely in your hand and prevents it from sliding away on smooth surfaces. The slightly raised front edges ensures that your device’s screen never comes into direct contact with level surfaces, thereby protecting your smartphone’s display.

Timelessly elegant material

The high-quality black silicone material is timeless in design. Black smartphone cases will simply never go out of fashion. But there´s more to this case than its streamlined design and impressive appearance. You will simply love the quality of the carefully selected silicone the very first time you touch it. It almost feels like velvet. Optimum grip and particularly pleasant to the touch are what make our protective silicone smartphone cases so special.

Virtually indestructible

For our Silicone Case, which is just 1.8 mm thick, we use only the highest quality silicone. Thanks to its elastic properties, it doesn’t break or scratch. As a result, this protective smartphone case is extremely robust and virtually indestructible. The silicone case is also easy to wipe clean and lends your mobile device a timeless look for the ages.

Test results for the Artwizz Silicone Case:

The trade magazine Mac Life has awarded our Silicone Case a test score of 1.2. "The Silicone Case protects smartphones against scratches, signs of wear and tear and impact damage and, despite its low price, this is a high-quality smartphone case." The magazine's testers highlighted the unique characteristics of the silicone, concluding: "This durable, non-slip case sits comfortably in the hand."

Why Artwizz

The Artwizz Silicone Case is a timeless design classic that offers a superior level of backside protection for your mobile companion. Our smartphone cases are made of only the highest-quality silicone, which means they are not only comfortable and secure in the hand, but will also stay with you for a very long time indeed – almost forever, in fact.