Slim clip-on case for reliable protection

  • durable smartphone case, raised edges also protect your device’s screen and back
  • shock-absorbent thanks to the optimum combination of three different materials
  • ultra-slim design: edges 2.3 mm & back 1.5 mm

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Item number 9162-2682

With the Artwizz SlimDefender, we’ve developed ultra-strong protection for your smartphone that's far more elegant than other cases on the market that offer a similar level of protection. With our SlimDefender, your mobile companion enjoys both sleek and reliable protection, so you don't have to compromise on the design of your favorite device.

Strong protection, lean look

The secret of the Artwizz SlimDefender is its unique combination of materials. While the outer TPU frame makes the case particularly robust, the inner TPE layer ensures that your smartphone sits snugly and securely inside the protective cover, where it can withstand the shock of even harder impacts. Last but not least, the polycarbonate back plate not only offers advanced protection, it also gives this protective cover its distinctive marble look. It’s thanks to the innovative interplay of three carefully coordinated materials that the Artwizz SlimDefender offers such strong protection and in such an ultra-slim design.

Protection, without compromise

Its ingenious design means that the SlimDefender more than lives up to its name, defending your smartphone from all the dangers you encounter during your daily mobile life. The grippy TPU frame prevents your smartphone from slipping out of your hand. And, if disaster should strike, the green TPE insert, which we’ve injected directly into the TPU frame, will protect your mobile device from damage. At the same time, the protective frame’s slightly raised edges prevent your smartphone’s screen from coming into direct contact with flat surfaces when you do put it down, thereby eliminating the risk of screen damage. The polycarbonate back plate is especially durable, thanks to special elements we’ve incorporated directly into the material, which is what creates the marble effect. With our SlimDefender, you’ll never have to worry again about whether your favorite device has the protection it deserves.

Streamlined design

Despite its superior protective properties, the Artwizz SlimDefender has an ultra-slim design. The back panel of the protective cover is just 1.5 mm thick and lends your smartphone an eye-catching appearance with its marble pattern. The 2.3 mm thick frame guarantees that your smartphone will always feel comfortable in your hand. While our SlimDefender adds hardly any bulk to your device, it still protects your smartphone and maintains your smartphone’s original operating experience.

Heroic smartphone protection:

Mac Life compares our SlimDefender to a superhero: “It might not save the world, but it’s as strong” as a superhero in saving your smartphone from disaster. Thanks to the “shock-absorbing structure of the case, which combines three different materials, this powerful case remains extremely slim.” The SlimDefender also “impresses with its simple design and high protection factor.”

Why Artwizz

SlimDefender gives you all of the advantages of a dependable smartphone accessory that can safely overcome even the most demanding situations during your exciting and highly mobile daily life. All this is possible thanks to our specially developed structural design and high-quality materials, which not only provide extraordinarily strong protection, but also make the Artwizz SlimDefender especially slim. For complete, all-round protection, we recommend that you use our SlimDefender in combination with one of our glass screen protectors to ensure that the display of your mobile device has the full-screen protection it deserves.