SmartJacket® Pro

Protective clip with front cover and concealed card compartment

  • all-round protection with integrated magnetic fastener
  • concealed compartment for 2 cards with sliding mechanism
  • rubber-coated back; metal-look front cover

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Item number 3979-2429

The SmartJacket is our ultra-lightweight, all-round protection for your smartphone. With the Pro version, we have taken this classic one step further and added a number of practical functions for the iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr. The SmartJacket Pro not only has a hidden compartment for up to two cards, but also has a magnetic closure, which further enhances the iPhone case’s already impressive protective properties.

Card compartment for even more functionality

With our SmartJacket Pro, you can easily stow up to two cards of your choice in the rear clip behind your iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr. They’re not only safely stored and well protected, they’re also easily accessible at all times thanks to the hidden sliding mechanism inside the back of the smartphone case. When the case is open, you only need one finger to slide your cards out, so you will always have your most important cards at your fingertips without having to pull out your wallet.

Magnetic closure for enhanced security

You’ll simply love our SmartJacket Pro for its reliable, all-round protection and ultra-slim design. Optimal protection is guaranteed by the combination of a durable front cover and robust rear clip. The case’s protective properties are further enhanced by a magnetic closure, which secures the front cover to the rear clip. This prevents the protective cover from accidentally opening and makes sure that your iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs Max is reliably protected in any situation. Even if you drop your mobile device, the screen remains safe and completely covered at all times.


The front cover’s soft, smooth interior ensures that your iPhone’s screen is constantly protected from scratches and knocks, nestled securely inside the SmartJacket Pro. The protective case not only protects from impact damage, it also prevents any risk of unsightly micro-scratches on the screen of your mobile device.

At all times, your iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr is held securely in the precision engineered back clip. What’s more, you can also store up to two cards of your choice safely behind the smartphone.


The outside of the front cover is a real eye-catcher thanks to its distinctive brushed metal look, which combines the best of modern design with an almost metallic appearance. The integrated magnetic closure holds the cover firmly in place and makes it easy to open.

The clip reliably protects the back of your iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr from bumps and scratches and has a practical sliding mechanism that makes your cards easily accessible at all times.

The trade press is impressed by the Artwizz SmartJacket Pro:

Mac Life is very excited about the upgrades we’ve made to our all-round protection classic. Not only do the product testers highlight the “elegant metal look” and “soft front cover interior that protects against micro scratches,” they were also impressed by the “secret side pocket with room for two, quickly and easily accessible cards.” Conclusion: A “secure card-case combination.”

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Then take a look at our absolute classic, the Artwizz SmartJacket. This Smartphone case is perfect, even without additional features like a card compartment and magnetic closure and offers you the slimmest all-round protection for your mobile device!

Why Artwizz

The SmartJacket Pro is the perfect symbiosis of ultra-slim design, all-round protection and sophisticated functionality. This iPhone case’s impressive list of features include a practical card compartment with sliding mechanism, outstanding protective properties with magnetic closure and a unique, elegantly metallic look. These combine to make our SmartJacket Pro the ideal companion for your mobile everyday life.