Full-faced screen protection made of curved glass

  • reliable protection against breakage and scratches on your iPhone screen
  • original operating feeling thanks to hardened glass
  • display remains crystal clear
  • easy to apply without glue through static adhesion

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Item number 4129-2434

With our CurvedDisplay iPhone, we have developed a glass screen protector that you can rely on in an emergency especially for your favorite device. The ingenious material composition protects your iPhone’s screen from irreversible damage in the event of falls and impacts. The CurvedDisplay iPhone protective glass also covers the curved sides of your smartphone’s screen. These features make this special iPhone screen protector not only particularly reliable, but also hardly visible.

Layer by layer we’ve created the ideal iPhone screen protection

What distinguishes our CurvedDisplay is its sophisticated material combination with a special coating. This iPhone glass screen protector has three additional layers, each of which has its own special protective properties.

  1. Oleophobic speacial coating against fingerprints.
  2. Tempered glass protects against scratches and display breakage.
  3. An anti-splinter layer prevents dangerous glass fragments from breaking off, making our CurvedDisplay a real iPhone safety glass.
  4. A silicone coating ensures that the iPhone glass protector adheres to the screen as if by itself and stays firmly in place.

No more cracks and unsightly scratches on your iPhone screen

Our glass screen protector offers you the toughest glass protection, thanks to a hardness level of 9H. That’s why it’s often referred to as iPhone bulletproof glass. This means your screen is reliably protected from damage, even beyond the flat part of the screen. Our CurvedDisplay iPhone is an iPhone screen protector that also covers the curved sides and edges of your screen. And if you’re really afraid of what could happen if you drop your iPhone, don’t worry. The glass screen protector may break, but your iPhone’s screen won’t be damaged. In this case, the screen protector can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue.

You’ll forget you’re even using an iPhone glass screen protector

You’ll hardly even notice our CurvedDisplay iPhone because it merges so seamlessly with your device’s screen. The frame of the glass screen protector is a perfect match with the original color of your iPhone, and it has precise model-specific cut-outs for the camera, speakers and buttons. The view of your screen remains crystal clear at all times with our iPhone glass protector. The tempered glass also gives you an unrestricted, original feel when operating your iPhone display.

The quick and easy way to apply screen protection glass

The adhesive silicone layer of our CurvedDisplay iPhone ensures that the iPhone protective glass is particularly easy to attach. All you have to do is align it with the edges and cut-outs, then tap it gently in the middle. The iPhone glass protector adheres to the screen almost by magic.

The trade press simply loves our CurvedDisplay iPhone:

Mac Life awarded our CurvedDisplay an excellent score of 1.2, highlighting its „quadruple protection“: „It has a special coating; the tempered glass protects against scratches and prevents the iPhone screen from breaking. An anti-splinter layer eliminates the risk of glass shards and a silicone coating means the screen protector adheres to the iPhone without glue.“

Our complete protection is also available for curved Android screens

You can also use our CurvedDisplay to protect the screen of your Android devices. We’ve especially designed this screen protector for Android smartphones, irrespective of how curved the screen is. Our CurvedDisplay Android reliably protects the flat surface and the curved edges of your Android screen.

Why Artwizz

Since day one, we’ve put a lot of work and attention to detail into further developing our screen protectors for your iPhone. Finding the perfect material composition and the exact fit meant we had to try a lot of different combinations and were not satisfied until all requirements for an optimal, reliable iPhone protective glass were fulfilled. This is also how we created our CurvedDisplay iPhone: a perfect product to protect your iPhone screen that we are proud of.