Safety glass with privacy

  • protects your display from prying eyes through lateral blacking out
  • provides powerful, long-lasting protection against scratches and broken display
  • anti-splintering: to prevent disintegration of the glass protection in many parts

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Item number 4791-1240

iPhone protection against display damage and curious looks

Protect your iPhone display and your privacy with our 2-in-1 display and privacy filter. Regardless where you are, whether on the bus or train, in the office amongst colleagues or on a long journey. PrivacyDisplay offers your smartphone the ultimate combination of safety glass and privacy filter. Your touchscreen is protected both against damage as well as unwanted peeks from persons standing next to you.

The Privacy Effect

Our PrivacyDisplay provides you with a clear view of your screen with the display only being slightly dimmed. At the same time your neighbour will remain completely in dark what you are looking at on your device. Because from the side the PrivacyDisplay will darken in a 180° angle: up to 85% with artificial and 100% with natural light. You can enhance this privacy function further by reducing the brightness of your display. On the black or space-grey iPhone you will hardly see the safety glass whilst on devices with a brighter front it will be clearly visible. The privacy effect remains unaffected.

Privacy filter glass with unique composition

The Artwizz PrivacyDisplay is as a privacy filter a complex interplay of four different layers with varied composition and each fullfils a specific task. A silicone layer is placed on the smartphone display which adheres statically and without any glue. Over that layer there is a protective foil which depending on the vantage point darkens. On top of this a further foil ensures that the safety glass as the top layer doesn’t splinter in case of breakage.

Artwizz safety glass against display breakage

This unique and robust combination made out of various materials makes a real difference for your mobile device. A safety glass layer made of hardened glass with the strength H9 protects your smartphone display not only against scratches or undesired glares. Your mobile device is also reliably protected against display protection as in the worst case scenario only the PrivacyDisplay will break. It is possible to simply remove it and no residues are left behind. And the best thing of all? Your original display isn’t damaged and this helps avoid those expensive repair costs.

This is what the specialized press says about our PrivacyDisplay

Connect: "The Artwizz PrivacyDisplay protective privacy filter glass for iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 meets all the requirements of the connect Testlab and achieves a result of 98,3% of the possible total score. Overall, this is a very good protective privacy filter glass."

Mac Life: "Those who enter sensitive data into their iPhone will attach great importance to the issue of privacy. PrivacyDisplay from Artwizz offers protection against curious glances as it is a safety glass with integrated privacy filter. This prevents it being possible to view the display from the side. The wafer-thin glass can be easily applied and has tailor-made cut-outs for home key, camera and earpiece."

Individually designed display protection of your iPhone

The Artwizz PrivacyDisplay is individually customised for each device. Particularly in respect to straight displays, like for example the iPhone SE, the protective privacy filter covers the entire front of the smartphone. The display of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 has by contrast slightly curved edges. It prevents the accumulation of dirt and formation of bubbles ensuring the PrivacyDisplay doesn’t peel off from the edges and provides permanent protection for your iPhone display. This individual customisation of the safety glass enables to offer the best possible protection and at the same time unrestricted operation of your smartphones.

Why Artwizz

With more than ten years’ experience in the development of display protection we from Artwizz know what the essential features are required for your mobile device in order to provide you with the best possible safety glass. The hardened glass with splitter protection in conjunction with self-adhesive silicone layer and combined with protective privacy filter foil makes PrivacyDisplay so unique and secure against potential display breakage and undesired curious glances.