Micro USB to USB-A Cable

Micro USB to USB-A charging and data transfer cable

  • USB data cable for synchronizing and charging

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The most universal USB cable

Artwizz Micro USB Cable just can’t get enough! Why? Because the cable is compatible with modern cameras, headphones, laptops and all possible smartphone models. Regardless whether it is a Galaxy, Xperia or a LG it doesn’t matter at all! That doesn’t only apply to charging but also for the synchronisation between devices. Artwizz applied the USB 2.0 standard. Consequently your data is transmitted with up to 480 Mbit/s.

Cable for different requirements

The numerous combination options are one of the general strengths of the Micro USB cable. Our Micro USB Cables are furthermore customised to meet your requirements. Regardless whether in a shorter version with only 25 centimetres length, a standard length of 1 meter or excess length of 2 metres. Just how you need it – for the office desk, car, photo studio or at home. In black or white they will perfectly match your mobile device or interior design.