USB-C to USB-A Cable

USB-C to USB-A charging and data transfer cable

  • optimal connection between USB-C und USB-A devices

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Even more universality through varying connectors

With our different USB-C cables we offer you the possibilty to connect your USB-C device to mobile devices with various connectors. For instance, you can connect your new USB-C smartphone to a common charging device. Your MacBook with USB-A connector can be easily connected to a device with USB-C connector by using an Artwizz USB-C to USB-A cable.

USB Type-C cable – fully reversible, at last!

How often have you inserted your charger cable into your smartphone the wrong way round? Those days are finally over with the new USB Type-C connection! Thanks to its symmetrical design, it is fully reversible, so it doesn’t matter which way up you plug it in. Not only is this incredibly practical, it also minimizes the risk of accidentally damaging your smartphone. With the new USB-C cable, you don’t have to worry about the connection socket getting broken if you try to plug it in the wrong way round. Our robust USB-C cables are perfectly designed for frequent and heavy use.

Artwizz USB-Cables are convincing all around

connect is enthusiastic about the quality of our USB-C cables and awarded it 100% for functionality and quality. In connect's Testlab, Artwizz USB-C cables of every speed and length were thoroughly tested. Connect was impressed with the entire range of cables: "All Artwizz USB-C cables received our certificate for a successful product test."