USB-C to USB-A High Speed Cable

USB-C to USB-A charging and high-speed data transfer cable

  • Optimal connection between USB-C und USB-A devices
  • USB 3 for fast synchronization and data transfer

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Faster data transfer with USB-C and USB 3

Our USB-C cables are available as both USB 2 and USB 3 high-speed versions. You want a very fast data transfer? This is ensured by our USB-C high-speed cables and adapters. They offer USB 3 standard and are capable of transfer speeds of up to 10 GBit/s. USB 3 operates full duplex, which means that data can be transmitted in both directions at the same time. This way they build a rapid data connection for example between your MacBook Pro 16" and a USB-C Smartphone.

Artwizz USB-Cables are convincing all around

The trade press is impressed by the quality of our USB-C cables. Mac Life clearly recommends purchasing Artwizz's high speed USB-C cables and has awarded them its seal of recommendation. Rated with a perfect 1.0, Mac Life has no complaints about our cables. "You can count on the workmanship of the high-speed cable", lauded the magazine.

connect is also enthusiastic about the quality of our USB-C cables and awarded it 100% for functionality and quality. In connect's Testlab, Artwizz USB-C cables of every speed and length were thoroughly tested. Connect was impressed with the entire range of cables: "All Artwizz USB-C cables received our certificate for a successful product test."