ScratchStopper Pro

The best screen protection foil

  • reliably protects the entire screen against scratches and signs of wear
  • self-healing film prevents lasting scratches
  • suitable for underwater use
  • easy to apply without any extra equipment

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Item number 2141-3183

The Artwizz ScratchStopper Pro Watch gives you the best possible protection for your smartwatch screen. The innovative film not only protects your beloved smartwatch from scratches, it’s self-healing function means it can even repair dents and scratches all by itself. It adapts perfectly to the shape of your smartwatch’s screen and guarantees a secure hold, even at the edges. What’s more, it is also extremely durable and water resistant. All-in-all, ScratchStopper Pro Watch is a no-compromise, high-end screen protector you can really rely on.

Almost invisible screen protection

Just 0.15mm thick, the Artwizz ScratchStopper Pro Watch screen protection film doesn’t add unnecessary bulk and maintains the original design of your favorite mobile companion. It also preserves the original feel, functionality, touchscreen sensitivity and look of your smartwatch, so you’ll probably never even notice that you are using a screen protector.

The best protection for your everyday mobile lifestyle

Despite its ultra-slim design, ScratchStopper Pro Watch offers absolutely reliable protection. The display protection film is made of extra-strong TPU, so it extremely robust and durable. Even impacts will leave practically no traces on the protective film. At the same time, ScratchStopper Pro Watch is flexible enough to guarantee a perfect fit and hold, even at the curved edges of your smartwatch’s screen.

Screen protection that repairs itself

The Artwizz ScratchStopper Pro Watch has an incredible new feature: Auto-Heal. If you accidentally bang your smartwatch against a sharp edge and the screen protector gets damaged, this amazing film repairs the damage all by itself. All it takes is a bit of time and the ScratchStopper Pro Watch’s innovative materials smooth the protective film back out to its original shape. Say goodby to scratches and dents and hello to a smartwatch screen protector that looks as if you just applied it!

Applying a screen protector has never been easier

Because you don’t need any tools or extra equipment with the Artwizz ScratchStopper Pro Watch, it has never been easier to apply a screen protector to your smartwatch’s screen. The screen protection film even adheres securely to your smartwatch without the need for extra liquids. Any air bubbles that do develop between your smartwatch and the film will simply disappear within 48 hours.

Why Artwizz

Since Artwizz was founded in 2004, we have developed the best possible screen protectors for more than 250 different mobile devices. With the launch of ScratchStopper Pro Watch, we are now taking smartwatch protection to an entirely new level. With so many outstanding features in terms of protection, operability and design, you are perfectly prepared to deal with anything your everyday mobile life throws your way.