Manual: CurvedDisplay Android

To apply your CurvedDisplay to your iPhone, simply stick to the following instruction steps:

Alternatively you can go on directly to the video tutorial.


Make sure you are working on a clean, dust-free surface and wash your hands thoroughly. Have the supplied accessories ready.


First clean your display with the provided microfiber cloth. You can then use the Dust Removal Film to dab away any remaining dust or lint. Do not use alcohol (e. g. alcohol cloth) to clean your display since this may harm its oleophobic covering.


Hold the screen protection glass on both sides with the protective film pointing down. Then carefully remove the protective film downwards. Do not turn the screen protection glass with the adhesive surface upwards.


Align carefully with the edges of your smartphone’s screen, its microphone and front camera.




Apply the CurvedDisplay and, starting from the center of the display, gently press outwards from the middle.


Press down firmly on the colored edges.

Video Tutorial: CurvedDisplay Android Smartphone

What you will receive:

_1x CurvedDisplay premium Artwizz display protection glass

_1x dust remover for the removal of dust particles prior to and after the application of the display protection

_1x microfiber wipe for the removal of dust and dirt

_1x instructions to ensure the proper application of the display protectant

_Berlin-based customer service with satisfaction guarantee

What we do not include:

_A stencil for application: This prevents unnecessary plastic waste, you can easily apply it by following the instructions

_Alcohol containing wipe: Alcohol may damage the “oleophobic“ – oil repelling coating of your smartphone display