Rubber Clip

Back side clip

  • optimal protection against scratches and signs of wear
  • rubberized coating for a better grip
  • Pencil cutout for charging and pairing

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Item number 8103-2614

It’s very important to have the optimum protection for your iPad. Especially because Apple’s flagship tablet is such a large target for scratches and dents. It would be a real shame for your expensive device to be damaged in any way. However, you don’t want an iPad Case that clumsily covers your beloved iPad, you want one that subtly enhances the elegant Apple design and, of course, fits to the millimeter. Our Rubber Clip does all this and more! Our ultra-slim iPad sleeve not only protects your favorite Apple device without adding unnecessary bulk, it also ensures that it is a pleasure to hold and touch.

Protection for your iPad

There’s one thing you never want to see on your iPad: unsightly scratches and signs of wear and tear. Our Rubber Clip covers the large surface area on the back of your iPad, providing both peace of mind and protection you can absolutely rely on. The Rubber Clip iPad also protects your device’s sides and back corners against dents, scratches and abrasions. And it does all this while ensuring that all ports, buttons, speakers and the camera remain completely unobstructed. Our iPad case also has a precision cut-out on the side for the Apple Pencil, so you can easily pair and charge it, without having to sacrifice the joy of the full “click” experience.

Minimalist iPad Case with enhanced grip

Even with all of its incredible protective qualities, our Rubber Clip remains ultra-slim. And so does your iPad. After all, you didn’t buy a designer piece of Apple technology just to turn it into a brick. And do you know why our iPad sleeve is called Rubber Clip? Because the rear of the clip has a soft-touch coating that not only makes it unique to the touch, but also increases your grip on your iPad. Just like us, you’ve probably experienced the scary feeling of your Apple device starting to slip out of your hands and your heart skips a beat as you anticipate it plummeting to the floor. That’s precisely the risk our Rubber Clip iPad is designed to minimize. At the same time, the protective cover has a distinct, high-quality feel, almost velvety to the touch, and nothing like a plastic cover. Our iPad Rubber Clip is made to be touched.

All-round iPad protection

If you need all-round protection for your iPad, you can easily combine the Rubber Clip with our SecondDisplay glass screen protector. This perfect partnership will maintain the ultra-sleek design of your cherished mobile companion and protect both your iPad and its stunning screen from breakage and scratches.

Testing the Artwizz Rubber Clip iPad:

Mac Life magazine has awarded our Rubber Clip iPad an incredible score of 1.2. The testers highlighted its “minimalistic, beautiful design” and “wonderful grip thanks to its pleasant, soft-touch coating.” The overall verdict reflects just how much our Rubber Clip iPad impressed Mac Life’s testers: “It is such a joy to hold, you’ll never want to put your iPad down.”

Also for your smartphone…

Our Rubber Clip is also available for smartphones. This translucent or opaque black backside hardclip grips your smartphone without adding unnecessary bulk and offers reliable protection against scratches and wear.

… and your MacBook

Our Rubber Clip MacBook has two separate clips that cover the top and bottom of your MacBook in a variety of translucent colors for reliable all-round protection.

Why Artwizz

We love all things Apple, which is why we create iPad accessories to fall in love with. None of our products are meant to obscure Apple’s elegant designs, they simply underline and enhance your favorite devices’ functionality. And that’s exactly what our Rubber Clip for iPad does: It’s made for design-loving minimalists who don’t want to risk using their most prized device without protection. It’s made for people just like you and just like us. Our Rubber Clip iPad is ultra-slim, pleasant to the touch and is available in classic, never out of fashion black to underscore the elegance of Apple’s timeless design. When it comes to developing mobile accessories, we draw on over 15 years of experience. Every one of our products is a labor of love, perfect for you and your mobile device.