ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint

Matte transparent screen protection with grease-repellant coating

  • protects against scratches and the rigors of daily use
  • matt surface coating
  • no traces of finger prints
  • non-reflective

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Item number 0395-1789

Matt surface combats fingerprints and reflections

The Artwizz ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint is a tablet protection film with a matt, grease-repellent surface that prevents unsightly smudges, for example, from fingerprints that you may leave behind when operating your tablet. The tablet screen protection film repels grease and your screen appears clean for longer. The ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint also blocks reflection from the sun. This means that you always have a clear view of your tablet display even on bright summer days.

Ultra-thin and reliable tablet screen protector

The particularly flexible and resistant material from Japan makes the ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint a tablet screen protection film that offers the optimal balance between protection and design. A special hard coating protects your tablet screen from scratches and traces of use. At the same time, the tablet screen protector is so thin (0.14 mm) that you will hardly notice it when using your tablet and the original look of your tablet is almost unchanged.

Why Artwizz

We have made it our business to create the best possible protection and the ideal design for your mobile darlings. Whether it’s a protective case or a screen protector, we work every day with great attention to detail and to the product. Because we know this is the only way we can develop accessories for you to fall in love with.