Transparent screen protection foil

  • lasting protection against scratches and the rigors of daily use
  • durable thanks to hard coating
  • ultra-slim screen protection, just 0.14 mm thick

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Item number 2948-1987

The 2-in-1 tablet screen protection: ultra-slim and ultra-durable

The ScratchStopper Tablet is a screen protector film designed using the highest quality material from Japan. Made of polyurethane, the tablet screen protector is not only ultra-thin (0.14 mm) it is also elastic and exceptionally durable. With a special hard coating (hardness level 6H), the ScratchStopper offers the best protection a tablet protection film can offer. Whether dust or tiny crumbs, the tablet screen protector keeps your screen safe from unsightly scratches and signs of wear.

Practically invisible protection for your tablet

Because the ScratchStopper Tablet is so thin, you will hardly notice it. In fact, you may even forget that you have a screen protector on your tablet. Your screen will remain as crystal clear as ever. You will also hardly notice any difference when you are using it, because the tablet screen protection film does not compromise the screen’s sensitivity or original feel.

Why Artwizz

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