Neoprene Sleeve

Neoprene bag with zipper

  • reliable iPad protection against scratches and signs of use thanks to cushioned interior
  • padded protective lip around zipper
  • water repellent neoprene
  • with space for the Apple Pencil

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Item number 5307-2123

Tablets have become an integral product line in the world of consumer electronics. Whether on the train, for presentations at work and university or simply for watching TV in the evening, tablets are truly multifunctional. Unsurprisingly, many tablet owners want to know how to best protect their tablets when on the go. That’s where our Neoprene Sleeve comes in. An iPad sleeve that has been specially developed and designed for you in Berlin to provide the optimum protection for your tablet.

Only the finest

Our Neoprene Sleeve features a sophisticated combination of materials. The outer, high-quality neoprene layer is not only water-repellent, it is also shock-absorbent. Inside, the tablet sleeve has a finely woven fleece that picks up dust, dirt and other annoying particles that can leave scratches on the surface of your iPad. The different color options with matching zippers mean we have the right tablet sleeve for every occasion.

Future-proofed sophistication

We not only use select materials in our Neoprene Sleeves, we have also cleverly designed the tablet sleeve with many handy features. In addition to your mobile device, the iPad Sleeve also has space for your Apple Pencil. A specially sewn-in pocket ensures that your stylus is always ready for use and cannot get lost. Only the Neoprene Sleeve for iPad mini models does not have a seperate pen compartment. The aesthetic appearance is complemented by a high degree of functionality, so you won’t have to make any compromises.

Be water, my friend

“If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. […] Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

In this sense the Neoprene Sleeve perfectly complements your iPad and retains its slimness and strength. Space-saving, stylish and protected, it won’t take up much space in your bag or rucksack when you pack it away. The padded zipper can be opened and closed easily and without any risk of scratching your tablet. There’s no better place to store your mobile device and accessories than this iPad Sleeve.

Quality, protection and a love of detail: Highest praise from the trade press

"Extremely robust and scratch-resistant " as well as "above-average resilience" The testers at connect could hardly stop praising our neoprene sleeve. The result? 100 percent! "The design is straightforward and functional" And it's super easy to use. Both connect and Mac Life were impressed by the exacting attention to detail. Mac Life sings its highest praise: "Even the zippers have a padded protective edge so that the metal housing of the hardware does not get scratched." Mac Life awarded us a fabulous score of 1.3 for our "superbly padded bag".

Also available for notebooks

We also offer our Neoprene Sleeve for your MacBook, Surface Book or Surface Laptop. Decked out in your favorite color, your notebook will always look great on the go and is reliably protected against wear and scratches at all times.

Why Artwizz

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