TPU Case

Protective case made of elastic synthetic material

  • sleek, durable case against scratches and signs of use
  • matt back and glossy display frame
  • prevents direct contact of the display with the floor or table

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Item number 7429-3729

The classic, elegant case

Our Artwizz TPU Case provides incredible protection in a timeless, slimline design. We use thin, very high-quality TPU, so that the protective case is both elastic and durable. The matt black TPU case perfectly harmonizes with almost all modern mobile devices, while the subtly glossy front edges add a touch of glamor to your smartphone.

Elastic and resilient

We have taken great care to use only the very highest quality TPU. Thanks to TPU’s elastic properties, our cases are virtually indestructible and cannot break. At the same time, our elastic protective case feels extremely comfortable, and your mobile companion sits securely in your hand.

Super slim and flexible TPU







Timeless, sleek elegance

At just 1.2 mm, the Artwizz TPU Case is particularly slim. Its flexible material fits snugly around your mobile device, offering optimal and precision smartphone protection without adding bulk. The minimalist design in black is also timelessly sleek. The raised, glossy black front edge sets visual accents that give the protective case an elegant look.

Lasting protection

Our TPU Case offers durable protection against scratches and wear and tear, and even cushions against minor impacts. Our elastic smartphone case not only protects the back of your device: The slightly raised edge also gives the display a certain degree of protection, as it prevents the display from coming into direct contact with smooth surfaces. The TPU case is the best example of how good smartphone protection doesn’t need to be complicated.

Small details that add that special touch

We design our TPU cases specifically for each individual smartphone model. That’s why the protective covers for the iPhone 14 series come with an extra extended height frame around the camera on the rear of the phone. Hence, the highly elevated camera lenses of the Pro models will also be scratch protected even if the iPhone is placed on a smooth surface. The frame rise is lower for covers of other smartphone models, always ensuring that the camera is fully protected. We also have further developed the TPU case design for the new iPhone models and have added slim, shiny lines on the sides that complement the stylish and elegant look over the case.

The TPU Case wows the trade press:

Mac Life has confirmed just how impressive the Artwizz TPU Case is by awarding it a test score of 1.1. In its review, the trade magazine's testers said: "The TPU Case features a classic design, high durability and affordability, and it does everything it promises. The matt back panel guarantees iPhone users a secure grip, while the glossy front frame prevents the screen from coming into direct contact with flat surfaces."

Why Artwizz

For many years, the TPU case has been one of the classic models among our protective covers for smartphones. This combination of a simple design and stylish accents paired with its virtually indestructible characteristics have made this smartphone case extremely popular. Ever since the first iPhone was launched into the market, the protection of your mobile companions has always been our dedicated mission, so that you can count on the many years of experience we put into all of our accessories. To learn more about our history, please click here.

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