Full-surface screen and privacy protection made of curved glass

  • ultra slim protection against scratches, display breakage and unwanted glances
  • completely covers the iPhone display, even the curved edges
  • the darkened display is hardly visible to prying eyes

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Item number 7085-3704

The Artwizz PrivacyGlass will protect your smartphone perfectly – not only physically from damages to the display, but also visually from intruders of your privacy. Our protective glass for displays has an additional privacy function. The darkening effect makes it hard to see your screen from the side. In conjunction with this, it also reliably protects the entire display of your smartphone.

The privacy filter

The integrated privacy filter protects your privacy whenever you are using your iPhone in public. You still enjoy a clear view of your screen’s contents from the front, but your display appears darker when viewed from the side. The screen appears darker as the angle from which it is viewed increases. This allows you to safely check your bank account, look at private photos or even read top-secret emails while you are riding the train or bus, without worrying about your curious neighbours being able to see anything they shouldn’t. Instead, all they see is a black screen. The privacy effect works best in natural light; artificial, incidental light is darkened by up to 85%. You can also enhance the privacy effect by reducing the brightness of your iPhone screen.

Static adhesion for ultra-strong grip

A layer of silicone on the underside of the PrivacyGlass forms a static bond with your smartphone’s glass display, meaning there is no need for annoying adhesives. Thanks to the power of our static adhesion technology, Artwizz PrivacyGlass provides exceptionally strong protection for your iPhone. At the same time, this innovative technology allows the protective glass to be applied to your device’s screen cleanly, and removed without any residues.

Reliable screen protection

Artwizz PrivacyGlass also provides strong physical protection for your iPhone’s glass screen. Made of tempered glass with a hardness rating of 9H, it is especially resistant to impacts and scratches. Our PrivacyGlass not only prevents damage to your smartphone’s screen, it also reliably protects against display breakage. And, if the iPhone glass screen protector should break, a special anti-splinter layer stops it from shattering into sharp-edged fragments. If the worst does happen, you can easily remove the PrivacyGlass in a single piece and your device’s screen remains completely undamaged.

1. grease repellent coating against fingerprints

2. tempered 9H glass from Japan

3. black frame

4. anti-yellowing and anti-splinter PET film from South Korea

5. shock-absorbing silicone with privacy effect

Perfect form and function 

Our PrivacyGlass has a narrow black frame. As a result, this display protector covers the entire front of your iPhone and protects its surface completely. At the same time, you will notice that touching your smartphone feels just like it normally does without protection. This also means that you will not have make any compromises as far as its usage is concerned.

It will be just as sensitive to the touch as it is without the protector and your Face ID will continue to work perfectly. The edges of our iPhone PrivacyGlass are rounded off, so that you will not feel any sharp edges when you run your fingers over the edges. The concise fit that is aligned with your respective smartphone model, provides openings for the camera, loudspeakers and the home button so that it will work without any impairments. Moreover, the PrivacyGlass, with the exception of the understated darkening function that covers the operatable area of the screen, virtually maintains the original design of your iPhone.

PrivacyGlass – the special solution for older iPhone models

Unlike more recent iPhone generations, all of which have a completely straight front starting with the iPhone 12, Apple’s older models still feature displays with rounded edges. Consequently, our PrivacyGlass for these smartphones have a slightly thicker, concave frame that align themselves optimally with the rounded edges of your iPhone. Obviously, all other properties of the protective glass cover, including the privacy effect, are equivalent to the flat versions of our PrivacyGlass.

The specialized press about the Artwizz PrivacyGlass:

Mac Life: “Because privacy is also a key concern, Artwizz offers its new PrivacyGlass, a durable glass screen protector that protects your iPhone screen from scratches and breaks, and protects your content from prying eyes thanks to its integrated privacy filter. The curved screen protector also covers the entire screen, including its curved edges and corners.” In a nutshell: “This is the ideal screen protector, especially for people who spend a great deal of time out and about.”

Why Artwizz

Artwizz PrivacyGlass is our innovative 2-in-1 protection for your iPhone’s screen. Its innovative combination of materials not only protects your mobile device’s display, it also protects your privacy by making your screen appear darker when it is viewed at an angle. Thus, our PrivacyGlass offers you optimum screen protection, both in physically demanding situations and everyday when you are living your mobile life to the full.

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