Invest two minutes to protect the environment

1. Our screen protector is super easy to install. In protecting the environment, we do not include alignment frames.

2. Even without practice you can install the glass without an alignment frame. You only need 2 minutes more of your time than with the frame.

3. Together we can save lots of unnecessary plastic waste!

Use the plastic template to assist you with the application

As a rule, the application aid for the protection of the display is a template made of plastic material. What is insane about this is that it merely will cut your application time by a maximum of two minutes. However, it is highly likely that it will not ever de-compost in nature.

Several centuries will have to pass until plastic components break down into tiny components, which will, however, never de-compose completely. As a result, plastic waste impacts the environment due to secondary microplastics.

Working together to reduce tons of packaging waste

Given that more than 1 million display protectors are being sold by Artwizz, we would have already generated more than 50 tons of plastic templates that would end up in the yellow garbage container under the best of circumstances. Does that make any sense? 

Considering that the template is also larger than the display protector, it also affects the packaging and the weight of the product as well as the transportation and emission costs, which would make the product even more expensive and mean additional problems for the environment. 

Our footprint on earth is rapidly growing. Join us in our efforts to prevent the absolutely unnecessary!

What you will receive:

_1x SecondDisplay premium Artwizz display protection glass

_1x dust remover for the removal of dust particles prior to and after the application of the display protection

_1x microfiber wipe for the removal of dust and dirt

_1x instructions to ensure the proper application of the display protectant

_Berliner Kundenservice mit Zufriedenheitsgarantie

What we do not include:

_A stencil for application: This prevents unnecessary plastic waste, you can easily apply it by following the instructions

Screen Protection Install Guide:


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