100% glass screen protection

  • protects against scratches and the rigors of daily use
  • made of 100% tempered glass without compromising its original touchscreen sensitivity
  • easy to use

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Item number 9987-1763

Screen protection for your tablet 

The SecondDisplay Tablet is a protective glass cover for the screen developed specifically for the requirements of your favorite mobile device. Our protective tablet glass cover will be almost invisible once installed over the display of your mobile device and provides reliable protection against scratches, wear and tear and, more importantly, against breakage. Given that you will want to bring your tablet everywhere you go – in a bag, on the table, at a coffeeshop or during your vacation. The materials we use in our protective glass for tablets are especially robust.

Crystal clear vision 

Our protective cover for tablets is made of hardened glass sourced in Japan and boasts a strength of 9H. Not only does this make our protective glass for tablets uniquely sturdy; it is also highly transparent. Neither the brightness nor the image quality on your tablet will be impaired and you will continue to enjoy crystal clear vision when you use your tablet.

Unrestricted usability 

While using your tablet you will barely notice that you have mounted protective glass over the display screen of your tablet. The SecondDisplay provides the same feel you are accustomed to from using the tablet without protection. The touch functions will not be impaired. Hence, you can use your tablet in everyday mobile settings without any restrictions – but more safely. 

Customized cut-outs 

Some models of our SecondDisplay have cut-outs on the top edge of the glass. To ensure that your tablet will work optimally, these cut-outs are different for every mobile device model. While, in some cases, the protective glass for the tablet has a larger cut-out for the frontal use camera as well as the microphone, other models of the protective glass for tablets merely provide a small hole for the microphone. Hence, the sound quality of your tablet will not suffer as you use it every day in mobile applications.

Extraordinary combination of materials 

Our SecondDisplay is so much more than a simple glass panel. A combination of carefully aligned layers does not only make this display protector sturdy, but also gives it unique properties: an oleophobic coating on the top prevents the formation of fingerprint residues. Two separate anti-splintering coatings ensure that the glass will not break down into particles if the display protection should ever break because of severe impact. Furthermore, the glue material that we use between layers has an impact reducing effect to make certain that your tablet display is not harmed in such cases.

1. grease repellent coating against fingerprints

2. Tempered 9H glass from Japan

3. anti-yellowing and anti-splinter PET film from South Korea

4. Shock-absorbing silicone

Simple and easy application 

A silicone layer on the bottom of the protective glass for displays makes it extremely easy to apply the protective glass for tablets. Thanks to static adhesion, it ensures that the glass virtually connects directly to the tablet display and adheres properly. Not only does this technology provide secure placement, it also makes it possible to remove the display protection cleanly without leaving behind any adhesive residue.

The specialized press is delighted:

Mac Life's experts write about our SecondDisplay: "The layers of glass, foil and silicone prevent the display from being damaged even if violently impacted." The enthusiasm for our "excellent protection" is also reflected by the top rating of 1.2. In connect's Testlab the SecondDisplay achieved the "best scores for scratch resistance and very high scores for optical quality" as well.

Why you should choose Artwizz

We have been focused on the protection of mobile devices since 2004. Protective sleeves, bags and accessories have been added to our specialized portfolio over time. However, our very first product was a display protection solution. Since then, we have continually further developed our display protectors and we place great emphasis on the quality of our protective glass products. If you should be dissatisfied with the Artwizz protective glass for the display of your tablet, we encourage you to contact our customer service department. We will be happy to assist and guarantee that your issues will be resolved.

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