HangOn Patch + Ring

Attachment insert + ring for cases and straps

  • transforms a conventional case into a phone necklace
  • transparent TPU insert fits into all cases with a narrow opening at the charging port
  • silver-colored ring for attaching carrying straps
  • case and strap NOT included

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Item number 8686-3858

HangOn Patch + Ring transforms your favorite case into a cell phone strap in no time at all. This keeps your hands free, your cell phone always within reach and protected against theft. With the HangOn Patch + Ring, you can even use your older smartphone model, for which there are no suitable protective cases, as a cell phone lanyard or crossover. 

Your own individual cell phone lanyard - put together by yourself 

It's as simple as that: You will need a protective case of your choice with a narrow opening at the bottom of the closure, a strap of your choice with or without an extra carabiner and our Artwizz HangOn Patch + Ring. 

Simply assemble and enjoy the freedom of movement:

From case to phone lanyard in just three steps:


Separate the small plate from the ring and insert it into your case so that the loop of the patch goes through the charging port opening.


Attach the ring to the small plate by pressing in the opening on the carabiner and threading the ring into the patch loop.


Now pull your strap through the ring. If your strap has a carabiner, attach it to the ring or directly to the loop of the patch.

Your individual cell phone lanyard is ready!

Care tip:

Regularly remove the accessory and clean the case, the patch and your device. This will ensure that you get rid of any dust and dirt particles that could scratch your device.

Small part with great functionality

The transparent plate made of robust and completely transparent TPU is hardly noticeable under the protective cover and is even suitable for transparent cases without weighing down their look. The silver carabiner ring with spring opening makes it easy and convenient to use and compatible with virtually all carrying straps. 

The right case

You are free to choose the case you want to use. It doesn't have to be able to do much, just have a narrow opening at the charging port. The underside of your smartphone must not be open so that the plate has a firm hold on the protective cover and does not slip through. 

These Artwizz protective covers are ideal: 

Transparent Artwizz Cases

Black Artwizz Cases

Colorful Artwizz Cases

Matching strap 

To turn your case into a cell phone lanyard, you also need a cord. Our HangOn Bands and HangOn Band Pro are ideal for this. However, you can also use any other strap. It should just have a carabiner or fit through the ring, but not be too thick so that the ring's spring opening still opens. 

Charging port and speaker always free 

Using the HangOn Patch + Ring does not affect the functionality of your smartphone in any way. You can charge your device as usual at the charging port. The speaker also remains free as usual. 

Suitable for every smartphone 

Whether you have an older smartphone, a particularly large or rare device, our HangOn Patch + Ring is universal and turns it into a case to hang around your neck. All Galaxy Z series devices are excluded. 

Of course, we also have custom-fit phone straps

HangOn Case is our classic cell phone chain for Samsung, Huawei and Apple devices. Here, the strap is attached directly to the custom-fit case. The protective case is plain black and also has a card compartment on the back.

Just like custom-fit colorful iPhone starps

Our HangOn Case Silicone is exclusively for Apple devices. Here too, the strap is integrated into the custom-fit protective case. The phone lanyard is available in different colors and with individual straps for the various iPhone models.

Why Artwizz 

Our goal is to make your life more convenient with mobile devices. In today's throwaway society, the life cycle of the product is also important to us. With the Artwizz HangOn Patch + Ring, we give your case a second life or a new function as a cell phone chain so that you don't have to replace it and buy a completely new product. Existing straps can also be used again. This is good for the environment and your wallet. Click here and learn more about Artwizz.